Caribbean Sounds Race Series: 5K 10K 10 Miler - You are never alone on this journey to get fit!
Proper training includes progressive elevaton for all levels.
Supplement your training with Boot Camp 2 days a week for only $150.00, meet in DC location.
We design the plan for your group: Choose Boot Camp, Running Group or Both
Running Group Training is $99.00 for 3 months of training. Prepare for a 5K, 10k, 10 miler. $125.00 for  4 months for Half Marathon.
Full Marathon Training for 6 months  is $195.00
Boot Camp is filled with exercises for all levels including interval training, drills, core and strength training. It is a total body workout, strengthen the core, define the arms and legs, and tight abs
Choose a Boot Camp location, pay only $150.00 for 2 days a week:
Choose a Boot Camp location, pay only $250.00 for 20 sessions, complete in 2 months. 
Click here for calendar: All Season Training 
DC, Fort Lincoln Park (South Dakota/Bladensburg) Tu 5:30 am
DC, Galludet University Friday 6 am
DC, Cardoza HS  (NorthWest), M 5:30 am, M 6:30 pm and Sat. 7 am
MD, Silver Spring (Silver Spring Intl Middle School) Tu Th 6:30 pm
We design a balanced workout plan for you. We teach you how to train progressively to minimize injuries.
Training Gear for better performance
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Customized Training program include:
  • Customized Training plan for your race day event
  • Tips on Proper Gear for training in various weather conditions.
  • Agility and Strength Tips to help you increase your speed
  • Understanding your progressive training plan
  • Tips on Pre and Post nutrition to help you through the distance
  • Tips to Prepare you for Race Day
  • Carbo Loading fuel for distance runs
Training Schedule: Start training for the following race events:
Caribbean Sounds Race Series 
Monthly Runner's Clinic included in your plan:
  • Running Partners encouraged to attend
  • Yoga for Runners
  • Discount to participants
  • Massages and Running
Preparing for the race begins with proper Gear. We will help you select the proper running shoes by performing a Gait Analysis,  Treadmill testing, and more. Learn about moisture wick and coolmax shirts. What is GU and how can it help you with your race performance.
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