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For the Race

Purpose of the Event:

In an attempt to raise funds for the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, we are continuing our efforts through the Caribbean Sounds Race series.

Each year we host this event in Washington DC, Maryland and Chicago. We will collect donations to go directly to the Foundation to continue its effort to find a cure for Sarcoidosis.

Why we support the Sarcoidosis Foundation:

The founder of the Caribbean Sound's 5K 10K event's mother is facing the challenges of Sarcoidosis in the lungs which cause shortness of breath, reliant on oxygen and sometimes it is hard to walk across the street without stopping.

Another close friend’s father past away due to complications of the illness and lack of adequate research for advanced medicine. If you want to know more about this effort, or have an interest in supporting it, please click on the following link:

How can you help us?

We need your financial support to continue our efforts to raise awareness about Sarcoidosis, increase funds for research, and continue our annual event in respect to those who have lost their lives due to the illness and those who are struggling with the complications of Sarcoidosis today.

To Become a Vendor/Sponsor Fill in the Form Below

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Please make checks, corporate matches, or other gifts payable to: Fitness Heights International; Po Box 90838; Washington, DC 20090 Any Additional Comments, Questions or Suggestions........

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